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Ist eigentlich jemals geklärt worden, ob die Chinesen jeweils einen, oder gemeinsam einen Kontrabass dabei hatte?
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soup.io provides the most diverse feed on the internet for me. from shitposts to normie stuff over political opinions in all variations and memes in all variations to porn in all variations, ... anything is here and it's fucking glorious! i don't know how big this community really is but there's always enough content to browse here for hours every day - especially in the friends-of-friends feed and if the spam would go away of course in /everyone.

over the time i've seen a few people pointing out how this site provides a one of a kind experience, since nobody can recommend an honest alternative - which is always asked for, when the site went down again.

i really want soup.io to continue and fix its bugs (from failed youtube embedding to internal server errors and whatnot) but from the looks of it the soup•up model didn't quite work. my guess is, because the paying options are pretty limited. personally, i'm already patron to many projects and content creators but therefore almost everybody gets only 1€ per month, which sadly isn't an option for soup. a one time 200€ donation is out of the question and in general i am skeptical of the efficiency of one-time-donations anyway.

why not simply go on patreon and let people pay what they want and can afford? there surely must be a lot of people who are willing to throw in a buck or two, like me? or if there's any problem with that site in particular, just adapt the soup•up model to include more paying options?

i don't know but i fear the day soup.io goes offline and never on again ;_;

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--vautee on Twitter
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Not sure what’s funnier, thinking Obama was president in 2005 or not realizing that’s a picture of Condoleezza Rice.

Deflecting criticism of the Trump administration by blaming the Obama administration for a disaster that happened under the George W. Bush administration AND the inability to tell two black women apart is like, the entire GOP brand in one shit diamond of a hot take

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